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How to increase self-love

10 principles for achieving step by step self – love
  • Astrologer, psychologist & philosopher
Once we all become to understanding that the most important thing we miss in our life is self-love. Self-love helps us to direct our destiny and to reach our truer self-understanding. And it has a deep connection with our spirituality, mentality, and also with our psychological and physical confidence. Love has influence in all areas of life the human being. Consulting people I often see not achieved self-love and self-understanding men and women. It's really sad to look on this. The lack of self-love brings us a lot of misunderstanding in our professional and personal life: as neglect of life and business partners, treason, stress, depression, constant sacrifice in relationships, abyss, guilt emotion, relationship problems with children etc.

The large dividend we get when we reach self-love is the mindfulness that brings us abundance and prosperity. That also brings us the best achievements. And nobody loves you truly until you become to love yourself.
How to increase self – love:

  1. First of all you need to improve your deep self-understanding
  2. Learn to understand your true desires and requirement
  3. Listen to your own inner voice ahead of what other people think of you and ahead of what society tells you
  4. Live your life according to your true desires and requirements
  5. And also introduce into your life the soft care and attention of yourself
How to cultivate it to yourself
This is tremulous, pretty hard and same time pleasing work lasting for 6 months or one year.

1. Read affirmations by looking at yourself in the mirror and play audio version of them while you sleep. Do it daily during 6 months or better for one year. You can download for free the effective affirmations

2. Tell yourself constantly the brilliant words "I LOVE YOU" during the day at least each time when you see any mirror.

3. It's very important at the end of the day to open your diary and write there shortly all well done daily things. There you can write even well done make up (if you are a woman) or the successful reading the affirmations in front of the mirror.

4. At the end of every day thank yourself for all well done today. And say yourself again "I LOVE YOU".

5. Increase your self-love with caring for your body, skin, hair, clothes, shoes, the house you live in and the people around you.

6. Don't forget to rest and enjoy the beautiful nature you have around. And try to be in contact with the nature as often as possible.

7. Discard from criticism and judgment of people. Stop to judge people. Just save your time.

8. Surround yourself by positive thinking and active people. The people who love the growth and newness.

9. Take off from your environment unpleasant and lazy people.

10. Invest in yourself and your growth freely, generously and with love.

After you follow the principles at least for 6 months you become to self-love.
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