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I have written this article with a huge desire of helping to find yourself who is looking for. My name is Oksana Bekh. I'm an Astrologer. And I love my job. I educated in different ways and with few jobs. I'm happy about that. All my jobs are part of my evolution, my growth but not all my businesses and job's activity were the right job, the right kind of business I had in my life. I'm usually successful enough in all what I do. I'm a kind of perfectionist. But not all business we do is our mission. And I'm so grateful to the Universe that I found my own.

In this article you will know how I've got the understanding about what kind of business is mine. And what indication of the Universe tells that your business direction is the right one.

It's easy to realize that in case of choice the right business or job, in seeking for ours we can wander, stray, easy to lose our right path and find ourselves in illusions that we are on the right way. Why? In simple human language I'm going to tell you that the human being is coming to the world we live with well-formed experience in certain areas of life that was accrued him in his previous life. And it is already forbidden program for him in this life. This time he must live really different path than he had charged in previous life. Generally this means that activity and interests which were developed in our childhood is something that we had grown in our previous life and it is desirable not concentrate all your present life for living that path again.

For example, a child dances or sings really well. This child does it naturally and automatically. The child does not need to learn it. It becomes absolutely. Usually the parents of the child think that his love for dancing or singing is the sign of his mission in the life, and these skills need to follow up. But it is not the case. Such luck is rather a call and an indication of accrued experience the child with his previous life, and better to avoid the reiteration of the same scenario. It is preferably to follow the new experience and follow-up in the new fateful path. It is very important not to live again the previous life in this life. The sign of following the wrong path is multiple problems that surround us with the view of block our wrong activity. For example it can be with human health problems. When human being is ill in this way the Universe tries to tell him that need to change the direction of activity and style of life. It concerns with any area of our life.

How can we find the path we must follow-up all alone?

The Universe has two major astrological bodies Ketu and Rahu that account for our life's mission. Ketu shows that accrued experience of our previous life, whereas Rahu shows the new path of our present life.

But how can we try to understand the path we must follow-up all alone?

The right business of your life is rather something that is thrilling and thought-provoking for you BUT something that you need deeply explore and develop in your life. That is what is fascinating and significant for you like air but where you feel yourself like empty bowl which is necessary to make filled. You must feel that it's valuable improve yourself in that way. The feeling that you learn and do the right business you can't usually understand right away. It's coming step by step at the time when you are ready to find it out.

Generally the human being comes to the mindfulness after 30 years old, but in case if he was looking for that before that age. I don't deny that the human being becomes aware later, but until 30 y. o. the view is not completed because the stage of personality aging is not passed yet. According to my observation until our 30 y. o. we all live the scenario that reminds us about our previous life.

During the age time from 27 y. o. till 30 y. o. the human being is clarifying with choice of his future path of present life. We are going to choice life with the old scenario that leads us to destruction and with that we gets from the Universe different convulsion which restrict us on the wrong direction.

Or we choice the growth and evolution on the direction of our life what is pointed with astrological heavenly body Rahu. Personally I started to feel the right and own direction of my present life in my childhood. But this is not given to everyone. The family I grew up in was quite poor and with unordinary atmosphere, and I was surrounded for 29 years by people and situations that indicated me on my passed life program in negative shades and guided me to my right kind of business and style of life on the permanent basis.

The Universe gives us variations and options. The choice we make ourselves. To learn my right business I started on my 20-ies, but at the beginning it was rather my new lovely and unknown hobby. As some sunshine in my life or a light in the end of a tunnel in which I had lived then. And once, as Mendeleev used to dream, and as an apple fell dawn on Newton head, suddenly, out of the blue I realized that I had been studying my right business for all the years.

It was confirmed with astrology afterward like I was developed to my karmic challenge of my present life. During the life we can have few right businesses. It depends of our progress. Normally our intuition and surrounding circumstances reveal us to that.
How can we make sure that we found it?
But how can we make sure that we found it? Just like that. In the right business our growth is fulminant. We feel keen hunger, and a huge desire to know it, and fill the existing emptiness inside us. And then we are absorbing the information for the business as a dried sponge. We are looking for any information of that everywhere. And we lose the time absolutely while we are learning that. This passion becomes as number one in our life from early morning till the deep night. And that interest exclusively increases with time.

When you find it you will be doing your business with all your heart and for your soul absolutely with no mind to make money by it at first. And you will have to study how to unite the lovely hobby with income.

If you have not learned yet how to feel yourself and how to understand what is your right job or business you can find it out with help of an astrologer. Astrologer helps you to reach the most advantageous growth of your life. There, in our Natal chart is all we need to know about the right job or business for us. The reason astrology exists is to answer questions about you. Basically, it's all about you. Astrology has been described as a stairway leading into your deeper self. It holds out the promise that you do not have to pass through life reacting blindly to experience, that you can within limits direct your own destiny and in the process reach a truer self-understanding.

The fate is like plasticine. And the final fruit of creation depends of our hands and selection. Let this choice be perceived.

Don't lose your time for long term attempts of understanding about what is your path in the life. You can reach that just with one deep astrological consultation. It is the fastest way to reach the truer self-understanding. Much easier to achieve the success when you have the exact goal and when you know initially how to reach the goal. I will help you to come to the path of your life and to get the understanding how you can find more fulfillments.
On my website in the CONSULTATION section you can find and get acquainted with my consultations. The help in choosing the life path and the right business is my consultation THE NATAL CHART.


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