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In this article I'm going to tell you story about celebrating my super Solar. My happy 33rd birthday I had gone to celebrate to Estonian city Tallinn. And on the way I journeyed also to Finland (Helsinki).

By my hot pursuit I'm going to share with you my impresses and feelings about the places where I have been on my short vacation. Honestly, the new about celebrating my birthday in Tallinn I took with a grain of salt as it's not place with some hot weather at this time and so. But all the doubts had disappeared at the minute I stepped off the plane. Tallinn met me with sunny wonderful weather. There was great spring weather during all the days of my vacation.

According information I read in the internet that to reach to Helsinki from Tallinn takes just around 2 hours by a ship, I decided to travel to Helsinki while I'm there. It was a journey for one day long. So, I settled down in a hotel on 5 minutes distance by a walk from old town and just on 2 minutes from the sea port where ships are coming from Finland. Location of the hotel was really perfect. The tickets to Helsinki were cheap enough, just 15 euros for a round trip. The boat to Helsinki was ECKEROLINE.

HELSINKI. The journey by ship I liked a lot. In point of fact the ship ECKEROLINE I had been reaching Helsinki by is a usual regular transfer for Finns and Estonians. Before I came inside the boat I was worrying that as the ticket was so cheap the trip is going be something like travel with Ukrainian economy-class train. But I was pleasantly surprised. There were several floors with many cafes and comfortable seats. During the trip I have been enjoying live music next to the stage at a restaurant.

Exactly with the ship I had comfortable, beautiful, and interesting trip. When I stepped off the boat I realized that Helsinki is not my city. The place reminded me Kyiv. I'm honestly bored about Kyiv as I live there already for 17 years. I also did not like that I saw in Helsinki many beggars. Of course when I'm traveling I would like to see something different.

Well, I really did not find there something impressive for myself. That's why I concentrated on shopping malls and pubs during my time there. I really enjoyed some great time in beer house Rotterdam. This place is always full of Finns and many tourists and you can drink there tastefully beer.

One interesting feature about the city: when you arrive there, close the sea port you will face a figure of a peeing boy. I think this figure is really describing the city. I memorized Helsinki as the city of "pee puddles" at few corners. The guys drink a lot of beers. But anyway, despite everything if you travel to Tallinn I recommend you to jump into Helsinki by the ship.

The old town is historical place where you can see many tourists from the entire world.

You can find there special cafe and restaurant at each corner, and enjoy it with historical view of small streets, and old buildings.

Outside the old town you will find many modern buildings, different shopping malls, business centers, and hotels around.

Transportation in Tallinn is very easy. Comfortable buses, trams, taxi. The transportation schedule is easy to understand. There are electronic notifications at the stops.

I am also impressed with the sea port in the city. It is a huge port with several terminals.The people around were friendly and polite. During the traveling to Tallinn I realized that the Universe sent me to the right place for celebrating my Solar.

I hope you find the story useful and interesting


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